Monday, July 14, 2014

The bike lane cometh

Squeal! Seeing these brand new bike lanes on Malcolm X Ave SE was kind of like seeing a unicorn -- you heard about it but you never really saw one yourself.  In case you didn't know, until today Ward 8 had ZERO bike  lanes -- compared to the rest of DC that had 72 bike lanes. 

In case you (like me) missed the announcement about bike lanes coming to Ward 8, Aaron Wiener has the skinny HERE


JoeWins said...

Great to hear!

Love that of the four (by my count) vehicles in these pictures, two are encroaching on the bike lane (one of which is a city bus).

Just an observation from a cyclist who experiences this all the time.

Anonymous said...

The lanes wont last

i heart newcomb said...

The article mentions that an off-road bike trail will be built on S Capitol St. Can't wait for that to be completed!

I don't know why the lanes wouldn't last. They seem to be nice additions to the road. I bet people will make good use of them.