Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ANC Challengers are invited to post open letters on CHotR

A little birdie told me there are ANC races coming up and as per tradition The Advoc8te invites all challengers to post an open letter on CHotR. This is an opportunity for challengers to introduce or retintroduce themselves to the community and explain why they deserve their vote. 

The reason I do not extend this offer to incumbents is because if an incumbent is taking their ANC duties seriously their constituents should already know who they are and should have a pretty good idea of how good of a job they are doing.

Therefore -- if you are a challenger in a DC ANC race feel free to email me an open letter (please send the copy in the body of an email) along with a photo. Send your open letters to congressheightsontherise@gmail.com and but "ANC Challenger" in the Subject line. 

I will start posting these open letters as soon as a I receive them.

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