Friday, June 06, 2014

WASHPO: Just Asking: Anacostia High valedictorian on going from a homeless shelter to Georgetown

Such a great story of dedication and hard work! Go HERE to read the full article. 

Rashema Melson, 18, will graduate on June 11. She lives with her mother and two brothers in one room at the D.C. General homeless shelter. Her father was killed when she was 7 months old. 
What will you talk about at graduation? 
I’m going to talk about how Anacostia pushed me. People feel like Anacostia is this place where all the ghetto kids go and that Anacostia is really easy, and I’m like, “No.” My speech is going to be dedicated to all the teachers who pushed me and who I could talk to in a time of need and who helped me when I didn’t have anything like food or clothing.


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Good for them, so proud to see hard working students strive and schools where people have little faith in the kids. When I went to Anacostia it was half way decent, but not so great for me. We did have one young man who pushed himself so hard her got into an Stanford and then NYU. After that I knew that no matter what my situation, I could work a little harder.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! I am proud of you and this is just the beginning of a great journey.