Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"How soon until one of their delivery persons gets shot?"

This will be the shortest CHotR editorial ever.

Why is this okay????????

And knowing the challenges of perception faced by small businesses and organizations who do invest and work east of the Anacostia river why do we have to beg and plead for government support? Why is east of the river always last in line for services but first choice for ridicule and fear? And why do we have to either beg or shame our way into getting things to change?

This is the Nation's Capital for goodness sakes! We are supposed to know and do better!

P.S. I find nothing remotely funny about the fact that in 2014 it is nearly impossible for me to catch a cab to/from my home in Ward 8, that restaurants that deliver will decline my service because "we don't go over the bridge"(and the ones that will deliver won't get out of their car) or that I have to travel outside of my ward for just about everything I need to live my life. Pardon me but I don't see the humor in that. I don't see the balance in these practices. I don't see the "prosperity" that elected officials are always talking bragging about and I definitely don't see the humanity in it. I do get a lesson in humility on a daily basis. It usually comes in the form of, "where can I go to eat, drink, play, or socialize?"  I work a few blocks from one of the most important pieces of American history, the home of Frederick Douglass, one of history's greatest freedom fighters. Despite that proximity and reminder of battles past there are still so many things that are literally beyond my reach -- just because of my zip code.

I ask again, "Why is this okay?"

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