Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ARCH Development Corporation offers to pay 'yoga tax' for any full-service gym that opens in Anacostia

In case you missed last night's Fox News broadcast here it is again. The segment features Duane Gautier, CEO or ARCH Development Corporation -- a Ward 8 nonprofit based in Anacostia -- and yours truly (who also works for ARCH).

East of the river is in desperate need of a full-service gym and Duane wants gym owners to stop using the "yoga tax" as an excuse not to open locations east of the river.  Duane's offer is clear -- open a full-service gym in Anacostia and ARCH will pay the yoga tax for member classes for one year.

So do you think a gym owner will take Duane up on his offer? Or was the yoga tax just another excuse to not open a full-service gym east of the river which has over 140,000 residents but not one single full-service gym? Feel free to comment here or tweet your response to ARCH at @archdevelopment

FYI -- ARCH Development Corporation projects include:
Anacostia Arts Center
The HIVE 2.0
Honfleur Gallery
Vivid Gallery


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't your group franchise with Planet Fitness (PF)? I belong to the site in Suitland but live in Congress Heights. PF is inexpensive and it may help to get the folks east of the river more healthy.

The Advoc8te said...

Hi Anonymous. We would love a PF to come to Anacostia. The thing is we are a small non-profit -- our mission is the revitalization of Anacostia through the arts and small business development. We really aren't in the gym franchise business -- we don't have the staff or the resources to do that. We see ourselves more as a "catalyst" for businesses/organizations to come to Anacostia. We aren't (nor want to be) the "end all and be all" of everything that east of the river needs (which is a lot).

Hopefully Duane's offer will attract a responsible full-service gym operator who is willing to put his dumbbells where our money is. At the very least stop using the yoga tax as an excuse that gyms are staying away.

i heart newcomb said...

There are so many opportunities that businesses are passing up on EOTR, I think, because of misconceptions about our neighborhoods. The pent-up demand merits at least ONE gym, several more restaurants, places for breakfast, another grocery store, etc. Why is the wait at Giant's on Alabama so long?... It is always packed. More so than the ones across the bridge. And Denny's! Has anyone made the mistake of going to Denny's on a Sunday morning? I sure did. That was the longest wait for hashbrowns in my life. EVERYONE and their family was there. On one hand, it's wonderful. It shows we really do frequent these places when they are in our neighborhood. For that reason, I think, the people willing to venture here and set up shop will reap the rewards. Still want my Trader Joe's ;)