Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Would EotR have been better served by a new DC United stadium or a new Reeves center?


FYI - The proposed location of the new DC United Stadium is  less than two miles from the Nationals Stadium.

Proposed for Buzzard Point


Proposed for Anacostia


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

I think it would be great for business. With all that empty space on St. E's campus I'm sure they could build a great complex that would bring jobs to the area if Ward 7/8 got a preference.

The Advoc8te said...


Can you clarify? Are you saying that a DC United Stadium is a better choice or a Reeves Center?

Or maybe both? ;)

The Advoc8te said...


Can you clarify? Are you saying that a DC United Stadium is a better choice or a Reeves Center?

Or maybe both? ;)

DC Cavalier said...

A municipal center, YES, and soccer stadium, NO.

A municipal center would bring 2,000 or so workers and many more visitors every weekday.
People who need to eat and would need other services each day.

A DC United soccer stadium would be used primarily on weekends. It might fill with 20,000
fans on those weekends, but unlike baseball in which there are 81 home games a year, or basketball
and hockey who each play 41 home games a year, the MLS schedule calls for 34 games a season,
17 home and 17 away, meaning the stadium would only be filled at most 30 times a year, if that,
and that includes playoffs, international games, and concerts. Plus, a DC United stadium would
be near the river, with I-295 separating it from Anacostia and the business districts or Anacostia
and Congress Heights. The overwhelming number of fans coming to the soccer game or any other events
would be traveling to go to and from the stadium for the event ONLY.

This is selfish as a Metro employee, but you know what really might have helped develop Anacostia?
The idea that was first floated by Anthony Williams in 2004 but later nixed by the Metro board which
was to sell Metro's downtown headquarters building at 5th and F Sts NW, and put a new one, including
the bus and rail operations control centers, on top of the Anacostia Metro station. Instead the
operations center is now based in Landover where I am in the old but now renovated Hechinger warehouse
building. That would have put about 3,000 workers in place and brought many more people who need
to conduct business with Metro to that area. Instead Metro has spent over $100M to renovate this
warehouse into offices and training rooms which I can tell you is NOT money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Whatever lands needs to be an economic draw. Not a soccer fan, but if soccer people spend where they play, then let's roll out the red carpet. As far as the new Reeves Center... we have the new DHCD offices right at the Anacostia gateway - a lone beacon for economic development. Hoping new Reeves Center would help revive Anacostia's business corridor and attract much needed economic development.

Anthony Gualtieri said...

I agree with the response above.

Reeves Center - Mayor Barry
Gateway Center - Counciman Barry

Poplar Point stadium? Rejected as a site years ago. NOT sole reason but a factor was the "soccer fans need a place to spend money" issue.

Andrew said...

Not sure the soccer stadium would have done it, as the area is too easy to drive into using 295. Instead, the weekday foot traffic of a jobs center like Reeves would have been great. Even if 1-5% of employees buy homes nearby... that's the start of a neighborhood .

Question for you all - Reeves used to have a nightclub in it, could that work EoTR?

2014 ANC Candidate said...

A new D.C. Municipal is much more needed in this city than a "new" soccer stadium! Our city has scores of other issues to tackle on(affordable housing, unemployment & homelessness etc). Until our officials can stop focus on their political capital, NOTHING WILL BE RESOLVE!!