Monday, May 19, 2014

Ward 8 Rentals: Friendship Court Apartments - starting at $769/month

Does Ward 8 have an "affordable" rental housing problem?

4632 Livingston Rd SE
Washington, DC 20032


Anonymous said...


Is there anywhere EOTR where one could find a 2BR apt in the $1500 to $1700 range? Or a 3 BR in the $1700 to $2000 range? IE a unit much cheaper than WOTR or metro accessible places in NoVa or MoCo, but in a better building than the old low rise complexes? IE something for Middle Class people? Or does that not yet exist?

h st ll said...

I'm not knowledgeable about apts, but you could definitely get a house (and get an alarm) for that price range near metro.

h st ll said...

Sorry for mentioning the alarm - none of my tenants or other people I know who live EOTR have one and none of them have had break-ins.

I just mentioned it because I personally have one at my house in NE DC

i heart newcomb said...

At those prices, you can buy a renovated house in Congress Heights for sure and maybe still in Anacostia, but prices have gone up faster there.

We were renting in Navy Yard/Ballpark area temporarily at the going rates for a one bedroom apartment. My mortgage now for my four bedroom house is 400 dollars less than my rent was! My mortgage is cheaper than what you are budgeting for. And that's with the minimum downpayment on the house and paying the required private mortgage insurance. A freshly renovated house will cost more than my house did. I saw a cute colonial house selling for $300,000 yesterday online. But even that would still fit your budget.

If you're still interested in renting a newer place in Congress Heights, you should check out a real estate site like zillow or long and foster, people sometimes rent out recently built townhouses and apartments in the neighborhood, which look pretty nice.

About public transportation in the area, the buses run constantly where I live. So even if you live farther from the metro, you could consider buses as an option. I'm less than a mile away from the Congress Heights and Anacostia stations. I could walk... but the bus is so convenient.