Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 20 | Anacostia Neighborhood Development Tour + Q&A

Hosted by CREW DC! Get your tickets now! Learn all about the development and commercial real estate scene in Anacostia! After the tour participate in a Q&A session with local business owners, developers, and Director Kelly from the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. Oh, and it is moderated by yours truly!

Refreshments provided by NURISH Food + Drink.

Tickets are $25 for CREW DC members and $35 for non members. 


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to buy tickets at the door?

Anonymous said...

I attended this event and was disappointed with how disorganized it was. Only 3 of the panelists were there and the discussion started 15 minutes late. I didn't understand who the people who were giving the tours to the separate groups. It would have been better if this was longer and organized differently. From a market standpoint it appears there is work happening at the fringes but nothing which makes the neighborhood an immediate destination. Its proximity is if you are in a car and can hope across the bridge. The metro station is a considerable distance from the heart of the commercial district which has massive growth potential. Wait and see appears to be the name of the game. I applaud events like this which introduce new people to the area. Please consider holding this again but change the format and make it longer and more instructive.