Thursday, May 22, 2014

Black enough for just about everything.

Normally when I hear foolishness from foolish people I just ignore it (got to love that "Mute" button). What is the old saying? "Never argue with a fool because spectators can't tell who is who."

I'm 37 and I have never seen an event advertised as "Whites Only" or "Blacks Only."  Regardless of the event, the location, or the subject if I want to go I just go. In so many situations, particularly professional, I was either "the first" or "the only." I knew nothing was going to change if I stayed at home and pouted.  So I decided early on I could either let myself be intimidated by my own fears of the unknown or I could step up to the plate, go through the door, and let my fabulous self have a good time! 

So with that said, I  am getting really sick and tired of certain people fear mongers who should know better counseling others on what is "Black" and what is not. Particularly when it comes to east of the river where we could use more of just about everything. An audience is composed of the people who wanted to go -- not just the people who were invited. 

And in case you forget:

I'm Black. 
I'm female. 
I'm fabulous.  
And I go wherever I damn well please! 


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is this in reference to something specific? can you point me in that direction?

Anonymous said...

Amen to the amen!