Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crime? Unemployment? Politics? What issues should we be talking about?

The best set of eyes and ears on the street are yours?

What issues are happening on your block or in your neighborhood that can use some attention? Feel free to speak up! The answer to your problem may also be out there. 

--The Advoc8te


DaReslnt1 said...

Housing. I am really started to hate the idea of mixed income housing.

People who receive vouchers and live in middle income neighborhoods really need to be subjected to some sort of classes that teach you how to be a good neighbor.

The constant police activity, trash, children playing in parking areas, illegal parking, not cleaning up after your pets.

I am tired of policing adults

Anonymous said...

I agree. I live in a Condo development with families that rent from the developer and frankly im sick of the noise, the trash and smoking in the common area, the illegal parking in assigned lots(these spaces owned and purchased by the owners)by their friends from the "Hood". Even though you put in complaints to the police still nothing is done. Im sick of people and their excuses of living the way they do.

Wake up Ward 7 & 8 Low income residents, times are changing and your struggles have just begun.