Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sometimes I think about shutting down this blog.

Imagine if yours truly and all of the most active east of the river community leaders and advocates where to just disappear. The voices that fight so hard for you just died out. No more "calls to action." No more rallies. No more community meetings. No more free events. No more services. No more "advoc8ting." What would happen if you went to this blog tomorrow and it was blank?
Despite investing 6+ years advocating for east of the river and writing CHotR, sometimes The Advoc8te wonders if she could be of better service by dropping back? Perhaps someone else would feel the call and step up? Maybe even you?
Community advocates tend to give all they have because we believe. We sacrifice health, wealth, and time with family and friends. Our world shrinks to the size of our immediate communities. We can never do enough because there is always more to do. There are always way too many needs with too few resources. All of "this" comes at a lot of personal and professional cost and at the end of the day there is no six figure salary, expense account, or retirement package. Outside consultants may be compensated with astronomical fees (sometimes $50,000 a month fees!) but your on the ground and in the streets advocates and professionals are expected to volunteer. Don't believe me? Count the number of DC government or project ads on this blog. Clearly I'm not doing this for the money.  
So take a moment and ask yourself, "Am I a giver or a taker? Am I waiting for someone else to fix our problems? Am I a spectator or an active participant?"

What would it take to get YOU off the bench?

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Anonymous said...

If this blog were to disappear along with so would much of the propaganda around Ward 8.

Appreciate your noble and well-intention activism, not the myopic propaganda.

Anonymous said...

STOP IT. You not gonna shut it down, lol.