Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Take Note: This is a "pander-free" zone

And by that I mean that with the primary election 5 days away and every single candidate clamoring for east of the river votes I can't take seriously any new initiative, press event, press release, publicity stunt, unveiling,  ribbon cutting, etc. until after campaign season is over.

As a Ward 8 resident I feel like I have seen/heard more pledges and promises for Ward 8 in the past month than I have in the past 3 1/2 years. If Ward 8 meant this much to our political leaders why have we been left in the dark for so long?  I'm sorry but it will take more than a few token gestures to erase my memory. It should take more than a few token gestures to sway your vote.

It is an oldie but goodie, "Actions speak louder than words."

So with that said, I will not be covering these suspiciously timed "announcements." This is not targeted at any particular candidate, I just can't be bought for so cheap, so last minute. This is the equivalent of a guy calling you at 11:00pm for a "date." If it looks and sounds like a booty call it IS a booty call. Call this the ultimate booty call -- the political booty call.  If these recent "initiatives" were really meant to improve the quality of life and economic development of Ward 8 it doesn't need me (or even you) to point it out. The proof will be in the (organic) pudding so to speak.

They don't call it the "silly season" for nothing -- although I reserve the rights to "pandermonium"!

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SilentWarrior said...

You took every thought I have about this primary election/ward 8 pandering right out of my head. "Political Bootie Call" I'm stealing that:-)

Anna Costia said...

So disingenuous. After years of telling us what we can and can't afford. HA! Yeah, right. And I do love, political booty call.

You want to show me something? Put something with some Permanence East of the River! Where are Our cranes in the sky??? (actually building things up to quality standards and not some random crap that is thrown up, uninspected and not built to last).