Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Read My Tweets: My shopping trip to Martha's Outfitters in Anacostia

My job is making sure you know all about the wonderful things in Ward 8. Today I spent my lunch hour shopping and tweeting from the Anacostia location of Martha's Outfitters. There was a lot of merchandise to cover, thank goodness I was up to the task!

Hugs to Gyasi Payton, Manager of Clothing Programs for Martha's Table. Not only is he cute as the dickens but this man knows his labels! Gyasi took yours truly on a personal tour of the Anacostia store and showed me some of their fabulous merchandise! Cute boys + great clothing deals = one very happy Advoc8te!

In case you too are in need of some retail therapy, the Anacostia store is located at 2204 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE (two doors down from Uniontown). The store is open Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 4pm. Martha's sells just about everything and there are new items with tags!

So you better hurry up and get in there! I can't guarantee how long those new Uggs or that Coach bag will be in stock! ;)

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DaReslnt1 said...

I get my workout gear from there. I have gotten some nice undearmour pieces from there.

The Advoc8te said...