Thursday, March 27, 2014

My rage surrounding the Relisha Rudd case

The Relishas of the world deserve better
The Advoc8te is sure she is not the only person tied up in knots and fear for little Relisha Rudd. I PRAY this little girl is safe and found quickly. Children of the world deserve to feel safe, loved, and protected at all times. Adults are supposed to stand in the way of the danger -- not be the sources of it.

That being said I am filled with a certain type of...rage that I can't even express in an articulate fashion toward the parents of this little girl. Particularly the "mother" who was supposed to be a protector and fighter of danger. As this story unravels,  each new detail of deception leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.

That being said, and to assuage my own uneasy feeling I had to utilize my social media skills and see if I could find some answers to how a little girl (living in a shelter for 18 months with her family) could go missing for 3 weeks and no one in the family report her missing? I had to understand how a mother -- regardless of circumstances-- would give her little girl to a grown man, a virtual stranger. A man who would later be accused of murder and kidnapping!

Those questions led to to do an internet search which led me to the mother's Facebook page and what I saw HERE just left me feeling soo...disturbed and then angry, and then mad as hell.

How do we live in an environment where this type of "parenting" is okay? Are my tax payer dollars funding people "getting high" and flashing Jordan sneakers (which by the way even I can't afford)?

Again, I pray with every molecule in my body that this beautiful and charismatic little girl is found quickly and unharmed. I pray that she is then placed in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. I pray that someone, somewhere draws a bright and bold line in the sand to protect the Relisha Rudds of the world. I pray that we stop accepting excuses in trying to justify the lack of safety and protection of our most valuable resources -- our children. I want political correctness to stop getting in the way of holding people accountable. That goes for "mom and dad" and just not government employees.

This has to stop. The system is clearly NOT working and I not just talking about a shortage of beds. "Home" is more than a place to sleep -- it is where you are supposed to feel safe. Adults - regardless how limited - have more options than children. Adults can at least call for help.  Children are literally at the mercy of their environments and situations. Not to say I don't have compassion for adult survivors but if I had to make a choice (and a stand) it would be for the little ones of the world. I think that is one of the reason why this case has struck a cord with so many people. It is a betrayal of the most basic law of life -- protecting our young.

Despite how this tragedy ends let it not be forgotten. Somewhere right now another little soul is out there, surviving on the whims of someone who really should know better.

Who is going to save them?

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Time for a change said...

I'm angry right with you. Why did it take so long for Amber Alert to go out? Several months back was the autistic boy found dead in a car. What is THIS city doing for search and recovery efforts of missing children? Not to make comparisons but another autistic teenager Avonte Oquendo went missing in NYC circa early fall 2013. The search efforts were extensive for months on end, fliers all over the subway stations, countless news coverage, volunteer workers along with nypd etc. DC has to do better.

DaReslnt1 said...

her facebook page is very very concerning. Hopefully the child will be found alive but if she is not, the mother and stepfather should be charged with neglect.

Anonymous said...

"I dont give a fuck what nobody saying but this ids for my daughter relisha rudd mommy is here every step thou this shit goes on i just want my baby girl .i hurt yea cause that my daughter hut just bring her to me no police no cps nobody but me. Please thats all im asking from u i mean whats really going on how do ur wife lose her life 24 hours after my baby girl come up missing thats my question to u answer me please — feeling pained." - the mother

Anonymous said...

Who and where is the child's actual father? He should be held accountable too.

Anonymous said...

Paper says the mother wouldnt sign paperwork for amber alert initially,its sad to say but it looks like mother may have sold this poor little girl

Anonymous said...

CFSA, DHS and DCPS are responsible for this child's welfare. After a specifice number of days absent from school, CFSA was to be alerted. CFSA was to do a thorough investigation to include actually laying eyes on the child. DHS is culpable because they have a contract with the shelter provider. The mother and family members will be accountable to God for their inactions.

Anonymous said...

Please someone take a real close look at the grandmother. The mother appears to be trying to tell on her. Selling a child for crack is a sad but true reality. The videos of the grandmother say a LOT