Monday, March 31, 2014

Fairlawn Market (formerly Yes! Organic) closing in two weeks

The reports are true. According to a reliable source on Twitter who spoke with an owner, Fairlawn Market will indeed be closing in two weeks. Reasons given for the closing: siting the new format of the store (selling traditional foods instead of organic) left the store about 2/3 too big and the profit margins too small. In the end, the challenges proved too great.

The end is near for Fairlawn Market
(photo courtesy of Forbes)
No word if anyone else will be taking over the lease but in all honesty any retailer would have a challenge there. It is just so difficult to get to and from the store from Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Personally, The Advoc8te hasn't been in there since they were about to close last time.

FYI  this is the second retailer to throw in the towel on east of the river this month. National clothing chain Dots is also exiting from the Shops at Park Village in Ward 8.

At time when nearby neighborhoods are seeing a big boost in retail and food options, east of the river continues to struggle.

RIP (Retail In Pieces)

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BL Ford said...

Very sad to see this store close and I give the owners kudos for trying to make it work.

I have heard the argument that it was too hard to get to and that couldn't be further from the truth. I never had any problems getting to this store from my house. On Minnesota Avenue, cross Pennsylvania Ave, right on Nicholson Street, and then a right on Prout St. The garage to the store is on the right. Very simple.

Unfortunately, since that part of town couldn't help to make 2 grocery stores work, I'm not confident that another one will be put there.

Unplugged856 said...

Everytime when I hear people talk about the development coming to the Anacostia waterfront I get excited. Then I remember that they are talking about the waterfront of the other side of teh river. DDOT will need a traffic signal there if anyone is going to go to that ground floor retail

Jamilah Cassagnol said...

It looks like the company as a whole is going out of business, so this isn't entirely a reflection on retail in SE. There's still hope.