Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thoughts? 'Ward 8 group wants millions from Congress Heights developer'

Interested in reader comments. Do you support the "community benefit agreement" drafted by the ACCORD coalition or do you think it is overreaching? What does this mean for development plans for the Congress Heights metro?

Go HERE to read the full Washington Business Journal article by Michael Niebauer.

Go HERE to read the draft community benefits agreement drawn up by the Ward 8 groups that make up ACCORD.

A collection of Congress Heights-area community leaders is seeking millions of dollars from the development team planning a 446,000-square-foot mixed-use project atop the Congress Heights Metro station. 
draft community benefits agreement drawn up by "A Community Coalition for Responsible Development,"or ACCORD, includes demands for office space, financial assistance for local nonprofits, revolving working capital funds for subcontractors, attorney's fees, jobs and job training, and reduced rents for retailers. 
Square 5914 LLC, a partnership of D.C.-based CityPartners LLC and Sanford Capital LLC, submitted a planned-unit development application last May to construct a 236,000-square-foot office building and a 205- to 215-unit apartment building at the Congress Heights Metro. The Zoning Commission hearing has not been scheduled.

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I do not understand why this group feels they are "entitled" to anything. It is not as if they owned the land or lose anything because of it. And then people wonder why developers are leery about building in that area.