Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NURISH Food + Drink has BIG mussels!!!!!

And they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I also had a beet and orange salad and the spicy grilled cheese sandwich.
Yummy x 100!

Fresh mussels -- only $8 at NURISH Food + Drink!
As much as Ward 8 has lamented the need for more dining options, we should be sending plenty of business to the ones we have. This is the only way we can keep the wonderful food options we have now and attract more in the future. So if you are going to spend a dollar anywhere on a beer, a glass of wine, or something to eat please do it in Ward 8. If you can do it at the NURISH Food + Drink cafe. Do it TODAY! You can't have a community cafe without the community!

Supporting a local small business one meal at a time!

Retailers and restauranteurs typically don't come to Anacostia because they say we, "don't have the density or the income." The only way we can prove them wrong is to STRONGLY support the ones we do have. Don't assume someone else is going to support our retailers and small businesses -- you will have to! And start today or tonight! And this goes for our local leaders too! There shouldn't be a Ward 8 or Ward 7 community organization that is not scheduling an immediate "shop night" at our local eateries and retailers. I am looking at you River East Emerging Leaders and Historic Anacostia Block Assocation! Make your membership count by becoming customers!

Spiced grill cheese sandwich -- only $8!

NURISH Food + Drink is located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE inside of the Anacostia Arts Center.
Happy hour starts at 5pm!

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