Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's celebrate the 1st anniversary of #SoutheastLove this Friday

This Friday, Valentine's Day will mark the one year anniversary since I launched the Southeast Love campaign with my best friend and fellow community advocate, David Garber. Although we live on opposite sides of the Anacostia River we are both residents of the SE quadrant. We had (and still have) a lot of love for our respective neighborhoods. We were united not only in friendship but in love for our Southeast quadrant. We knew a lot of other people felt the same way. We knew that regardless of media perception (and very misguided tweets) there was a lot to love about the Southeast quadrant and we wanted to share that.

David and I in our first Southeast Love pic
We came up with the idea together. David designed our simple but straight to the point logo. Two hours and $13 later Southeast Love was born. The next day just so happened to be Valentine's Day so we hit the streets with our nifty new sign and a new hashtag #SoutheastLove. You can read our first Southeast Love post HERE. David and I live tweeted our adventure and posted our pictures around the SE quadrant, taking requests along the way for places to visit and share our sign. Without even knowing it we were able to memorialize moments in our collective Southeast history. The people and places may change but the love is eternal.

That Valentine's Day was awesome, hands down my best ever. I was able to spend it with my very best friend, doing what I love most: highlighting the people and places that make the Southeast quadrant so special and unique. What made/makes Southeast Love so special is YOU!

People were so nice and welcoming and well, just full of love. What more can you ask for on Valentine's Day? What more can you ask for any day? The support for Southeast Love still amazes me. Going on Twitter and seeing the hashtag pop up is always a surprise and a treat. It's growing and it is amazing!

A year, two more signs, and hundreds of pictures later  #SoutheastLove is still going strong -- even if our original sign is looking a little worse for wear. :)

Our first sign.
While I don't have plans as of yet to hit the streets again this Friday (but there is always hope) this anniversary -- our first -- is very special. It would mean the world to David and I and all of our Southeast brethren if you out there (regardless of where you live) could print your own Southeast Love sign, pose with it, and tweet it with the #SoutheastLove hashtag. Let's make our 2nd year the best yet!

Please spread the word -- and the love!

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