Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kokomo is epic!

This dude is giving me life!

Can someone PLEASE give Kokomo a record contract or a tv show ASAP?! This guy needs to be shared with the masses! We love him at Uniontown in Anacostia but Kokomo should be world wide.

After a late night in the office I went over to Uniontown for a late dinner and while I was there I was able to experience the awesome that is Kokomo on karaoke night. Yes, that really is a NASA space suit AND IT WAS IN MINT CONDITION!  According to Kokomo that was given to him by Guy Bluford,  the very first Black astronaut (we looked it up and I be damned if that doesn't look like his space suit!).

BTW. Kokomo rode up to Uniontown on this, an electric bicycle, and that joint was mint too! 
This dude is awesome! 

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1 comment:

h st ll said...

Dude killed it, good performance.