Saturday, February 01, 2014

Fact Check : "But we don't have things like a nice skating rink or maybe a radio station that somebody could run."

Fact checking can go a hell of a long way -- particularly in articles about "gentrification." Reporters (and I use that term loosely) should not be sacrificing facts in favor of sensationalism. It's pandering at its worse, negligence at its best. Lastly, it's just plain tired. 

The covered skating pavilion at the north end of the park offers fun and exercise! Roller skates are free to check out with a valid I.D. from Memorial Day though Labor Day between 11:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m weekdays, and 11:00 a.m to 6:45 p.m weekends. Skates are available at the pavilion, but call the park ahead of time at (202) 472-3884 to ensure availability.

HIVE 2.0 member and nonprofit Aban Institute hosts community events at the Anacostia Skating Pavilion

WE ACT RADIO in Anacostia

1918 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE
Washington, DC 20020
Kymone Freeman- Programing Director

We Act Radio is a media corporation that combines broadcast and new media to deliver our shows in the formats people use most. You can follow our shows by streaming them at, listening on AM and FM radio stations around the country, downloading them via podcast or on iTunes, or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Our home studio broadcasts from the heart of historic Anacostia in Washington, DC.

Kymone Freeman,  Programming Director of We Act Radio
being interviewed for French TV. 
We Act Radio is located at 1918 MLK Ave SE
(photo courtesy of David Y Lee for LUMEN8ANACOSTIA)

(photo courtesy of Cool Revolution)

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Anonymous said...

looks like the point being made is to have things like a nice skating rink right in the community and managed by ppl that live in the community that need employment..that rink is cool but not open at night..its outdoor..its not like a crystals..a radio station run and managed by residents of ward 8 and actually reaches out to ward 8..don't think weact does that...

IMGoph said...

Who's being fact-checked? I see no problem with calling out the offending article so we can see what they said incorrectly in the first place.

i remember lil benny said...

WEACT just put together a festival right next to the Big Chair a few months ago, so you can't accuse them of not doing outreach. I see the brother Kymone Freeman out and about in the ward all the time, as well.

The Advoc8te said...

AGREED!! We Act and Kymone is ALWAYS in the community. If anyone is claiming they aren't then I have to question them being in the community.

I can't understand people talking smack about other people working hard every single day. No one is stopping X from doing something so please do not trash Y who is.

IMGoph said...

Nikki: Who said the quote in the headline?

Anonymous said...

There was no outreach, promotion, signs in ward 8 (except right there by the big chair) for the luvfest. Most of the ppl that attended were not from Ward 8. They were the ppl that attend all the luvfests. A few ppl walking pass walked through to see what was going on but most of the ppl attending were not from there. Also ppl keep thinking Ward 8 only consist of Anacostia. There are MANY MORE parts to Ward 8 besides Anacostia! Ain't nobody coming for Kymone but WeAct is not community driven. I mean really..look at the pic you posted!

The Advoc8te said...


I'm not linking to that article because it was so poorly researched it is undeserving of a link. However, you can google the quote and I am sure it will come up.

People like you make me sad and that is all I can say about that.