Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anacostia vs. Congress Heights: Who is coming out on top?

Both Ward 8 neighborhoods are regularly in the news and are mentioned often enough during discussions of Ward 8's "revitalization."

Which neighborhood do you think is most farther along? Or are they evenly matched?

Where are you spending the majority of your time and money these days? Anacostia or Congress Heights?



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Anonymous said...

Of course I am hoping they both succeed to their fullest possible potential. I have patronized both the G8way and Nurish- Nurish more often. But, I am biased toward Anacostia- I am buying there.

PG2SE said...

I'm a Congress Heights resident, but I think Anacostia is definitely farther along. Home prices are more expensive there and have increased much more rapidly than Congress Heights. And Anacostia has done a much better job branding the neighborhood. I think part of that is because some people think everything east of the river is Anacostia. But I think it's also because of great things like Lumen8 and the galleries there.

But like the commenter above, my hope is that they both succeed to their fullest possible potential. I think development that occurs in one has positive spillover benefits in the other. I'm always happy to see good development come anywhere east of the river.

Btw, congrats on your new Anacostia home, Anonymous! :)

Fairlawn Res said...

I'd have to say Anacostia. The Arts Center has been a boon to the area. Between Good Hope and MLK there is a lot of small business activity and the residential real estate market is on the upswing.

h st ll said...

Both benefit when either succeeds. Thankfully, it's not a zero sum game.