Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Is your east of the river home suffering from poor construction?

I've covered shoddy construction of residential units east of the river before but I think it may be time to have a blog post specifically to address this problem. I've seen an increase in renters and owners complaining of poor construction in their east of the river homes.

Lets talk about this tomorrow. What is wrong? Is this a trend? Have shoddy construction companies and developers flocked to east of the river because of perceived poor oversight?

Think about it and lets talk about this tomorrow on CHotR. Looking forward to your comments.

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DaReslnt1 said...

This post is ironic. I just looked at the cracks between the walls and the ceiling in my 3rd floor condo. Right now my place is freezing and I had to put plastic on the windows even though the thermostat is set on 80, there is a portable heater in the living room and master bedroom. My most recent heating bill is $256 because any temp lower than 80 = freezing.

The roofs are in bad condition etc, etc but there is an upside to all of this. The new developer is buying out a lot of the foreclosed apartments so he has a lot to lose if he doesn't fix the roofs and financially assist with the "fixing" the property.

So yes, my property is has lots of faulty reconstruction but our management company has been working very hard to fix all of the issues

Anonymous said...


Please consider doing an investigative piece on the issues at Grandview estates. I have friends that bought there and I bet the condo board would be happy to see their plight exposed. I'm not sure if the ANC is involved, but surely the councilmember of Ward 8 should have a statement and maybe Director Majett from DCRA would like to comment.

I'm sure there is a lawsuit pending, but with no one to sue. DCRA is giving them the runaround on problems that should have been caught during the permit and inspection process. Its just shameful that people bought 300k townhomes and have structural issues in the first 5 years. And no one seems to care.