Thursday, January 23, 2014

HOUSING COMPLEX | For Longtime Residents, Sometimes Gentrification Isn’t All Bad

Go HERE for the full story by Aaron Wiener which includes a mention of this humble blog.

"... Most longtime residents of low-income neighborhoods don't clamor for "gentrification," exactly, but they do want the things it often brings: grocery stores and other retail within walking distance; better transit connections; reduced crime; and attention from the city government that's sometimes been lacking. 
And as a story today on NPR highlights, gentrification doesn't have to imply displacement. In fact, according to two recent studies, it generally doesn't. The author of one, Lance Freeman of Columbia University's Urban Planning program, told NPR that his research has found that longtime residents are no more likely to move out of their homes when their neighborhood gentrifies; sometimes they're actually less likely to move."

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