Monday, January 20, 2014

Community Development 101: Get Informed

We are a passionate community but we also need to be an informed community. This week on CHotR I will be posting videos, talks, and information related to community development along several different categories. My hope is that by sharing this information we can become educated about our situation so we can make better plans about what we need east of the river and how we go about achieving it. Passion without information is a bunch of noise. We need a plan and in order to formulate a plan we need some facts.

So while I have been in plenty of community meetings where we have shouted what we want; I have been in few community meetings that have actually explained how we go about it. I think the first step is getting educated with facts, understanding the market, and bringing in experts in these fields to help us differentiate fact from fiction. We need to be empowered and educated.

Hat tip to all of these organizations and groups that put together such informative resources and posted them so I can share them here.

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