Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why don't we just call this what it really is?

Putting "affordable" housing off-site in Anacostia so a developer can build his hotel (with high-end dog spa) in NW is not okay. But it is clearly how things have been done for years (albeit not so blatantly).

Go HERE to read the full article by Aaron Wiener.

Next up was the Peebles Corporation, the largest African-American-owned development company in America, which proposed a 13-story building with a 198-room hotel operated by Standard International. In addition, CEO R. Donahue Peebles said, the building would contain 59 residences, and the company would build 100 units of off-site affordable housing in Anacostia. Peebles said his team is working to bring a dog spa into the retail space. He pitched the hotel concept as one that would bring the city $8 million in annual tax revenue, which he said was $6 million more than a non-hotel use would generate—something the city will surely consider in evaluating the proposals.

In case you forgot Ward 8 has only one grocery store, three sit-down restaurants, and unemployment hovering around 25%.

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Anonymous said...

I really hate this proposal. How does placing yet more affordable housing in Anacostia help the displacement problem in downtown? Maybe the city should erect its own version of the Statute of Liberty at the Anacostia metro with a placard inscribed with the words: "Send me your displaced, your jobless and your social services so you don't have to accommodate them West of the River, I hold my lamp beside the metro turnstile."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone approached Aldi about opening a store across the river? Seems like their low cost, smaller store business model would work well.

The Advoc8te said...

My understanding is that Aldi has been approached several times and have declined.

Time for a change said...

The Peebles proposal and comments on Washington City Paper are comical. Also btw any update on when the 7/11 will be opening?

Anonymous said...

How in the hell does Aldi reject an offer to build EoTR, yet build in Hyattsville-a.k.a "Landover"?