Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EotR artist Amber Robles-Gordon featured at Art Basel

Amber Robles-Gordon during her show at Honfleur Gallery
(Photo courtesy of David Y. Lee)

Amber is a talented artist who lives east of the river. Her work has been featured at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia and I have covered her on CHotR several times. In addition to being talented, Amber is very active in shining a light on the east of the river arts scene. Amber is definetly someone to watch and we are very proud to have her call our community home.

The Examiner has a full article about Amber's work being featured in this year's Prizm Art Fair at Art Basel (for your art festival novices this is a BIG deal).

Go HERE for the full article.

"Amber Robles-Gordon's work in Prizm is from a project entitled "Heal Thyself", and was motivated by a painful back injury she incurred while in graduate school. While recovering from her injury, she often reflected upon the spiritual, emotional and physical layers that make up every human being. Both pieces represent those layers by using a variety of recyclable materials (glass, fabric, tiles, etc.). 
Robles-Gordon is a Howard University alumnus with over fifteen years of exhibiting and art educational experience. She has been commissioned by the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum and WETA Television to teach, give commentary and present about her artwork. She has also served as President, Vice President and exhibitions coordinator of the Black Artists of DC organization."

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