Monday, December 23, 2013

Affordable Housing for Sale | $39k for 1 bedroom DC condo

724 Brandywine Street SE
Washington, DC 20032

Go HERE for full listing.

"A good investment opportunity. Short Sale with Bank of America. BPO has been done. Buyer responsible for resale package. There is a 18k+ condo fee delinquency and buyer may have to contribute toward its payments."

In case you were wondering these units are not for sale in some special "affordable" housing program. This is what the housing market (particularly the condo market) looks like in Ward 8. Yet, millions of dollars of  low-income tax credits and "affordable" housing dollars for rentals continue to pour into east of the river although the for sale market is already way below DC and regional home values. It seems  that D.C.'s solution to the west of the river affordability problem (which is very real) is to create more affordable housing where there is already plenty of affordable housing. What is needed in Ward 8 desperately are jobs and businesses.

You have to ask yourself, "Why send low-income and 'affordable' housing east of the river when it is needed west of the river most?"
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