Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MANNA is doing it right! Turning low-income renters into HOMEOWNERS.

There are poverty pimps and there are organizations who are genuinely doing good work -- MANNA is one of the good guys. They know the best path to success for low-income families are independence and personal and financial security. They want people to move up and on - they don't want (or need) to promote generational poverty through failed programs. Notice the modest amounts (compared to social service programs that never seem to end) that MANNA needs to do their great work. They are amazing group of folks.

MANNA is a wonderful organization that helps low-income people become homeowners. Homeownership is how you preserve housing affordability and organizations like MANNA do a great job and have great resources and those resources are FREE! I was a student in the Homebuyer's Club and what I learned there helped me become a responsible and informed 1st time homebuyer.

Change the mentality. Feel empowered, not afraid. Stop falling for the okie doke. 

I will say it again. Ward 8 has a homeownership problem -- not a housing affordability problem. The answer is not building more low-income rental housing, it's turning renters into homeowners.

Manna: "Our focus is building strong neighborhoods, that builds a strong city."

Take note DC!!!! Take note!!!!

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Whitney Hubbard said...

MANNA is wonderful, I agree!

Pamela said...

Thank you Nikiki for always being so mindful of Manna and the great work that we do for those individuals that are buyers for the first time. Please for more information visit the website at