Friday, November 22, 2013

MANNA East of the River Homeownership Campaign - Please Support!

You know how much I love MANNA. They help low-to-moderate income people become homeowners. I am a graduate of their Homebuyer's Club program. They provide amazing (and free!) support for people who are trying to save for their first home. They are a wonderful bunch of folks. They have a great track record.

Go HERE to learn about their new east of the river homeownership campaign. Please show support by signing their petition. Programs like this, geared toward east of the river residents are vital. We must support them.

This homeownership campaign is geared toward low-to-moderate income DC residents who live in Wards 7 & 8, where homeownership rates are the lowest in the city (see the full campaign plan here). As commercial and residential development progresses along the Anacostia River, District residents living East of the River have an amazing opportunity to purchase before prices become too great. Purchasing a home NOW will enable current residents to remain in Wards 7 & 8, benefit from the coming development, and secure an affordable home and equity to pass along to their future generations. 
Goals of the Campaign:
-Set up homeownership resource centers East of the River to direct people to available education, downpayment, Realtors and lending resources
-Provide residents with a homeownership inventory database
-Support the rehab and development of more affordable homes
-Direct existing homeowners to available maintenance, refinance, and foreclosure prevention services

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