Tuesday, November 26, 2013

EotR Mag | L’Enfant Trust Begins Restoration of Historic Anacostia Homes

Go HERE for the full article in this month's East of the River magazine.

In March the Trust received a $50,000 grant from the 1772 Foundation to launch DC’s first historic preservation revolving fund. By this fall the Trust had worked with numerous neighborhood leaders and a host of city agencies including the Office of Planning’s Historic Preservation Office and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to gather background on the two properties and establish relationships. The Trust does not anticipate a hearing before the Historic Preservation Review Board because no significant alterations to the exterior of the properties are being proposed. 
“This is the shortest amount of time that I've seen anyone go after a property and get it,” says Greta Fuller, a 12-year resident of Maple View Place SE and ANC 8A 06. “They went after properties that nobody else would touch because of existing tax liens and other long-standing complications.” 
Unlike property speculators, who have dabbled in the Anacostia market in recent years, the Trust immediately cut the overgrown trees and vegetation as soon as it acquired the historic homes, and fenced in the lots to keep out squatters known to roam the neighborhood. “What’s most important to me and my neighbors,” Fuller told East of the River, “is that they have kept their word. Their presence is good for everyone in the Historic District because these properties are being restored, which will remove the blight and increase our property values.”
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