Thursday, November 07, 2013

[CR] WBJ : Switcheroo: Once mostly office, Cohen Cos. now proposes residential space for Anacostia waterfront site

Cohen Cos./GTM Architects
Just read an article by Washington Business Journal reporter, Michael Neibauer about this new large scale residential and retail development coming to M Street SE -- that's on the other side of the 11th Street local bridge. :) 

Go HERE to read the full article. 

"Cohen is proposing to construct three residential buildings (one comprised of two towers) in four phases. The first phase would be a 10-story, 218-unit tower, the second a connected nine-story, 131-unit tower (and an adjacent public plaza), the third an 11-story, 234-unit multifamily building and the fourth a nine-story, 88-unit building. The buildings will step down in height as they approach the waterfront. 
The plaza will include a "grand staircase with an integrated ramp" and river view, amphitheater-style seating that links the development with Water Street. The District, meanwhile, is studying the possibility of transforming the Southeast Freeway, to the immediate north of the Cohen property, into an at-grade boulevard, which would dramatically improve those views as well. 
All told, the project would include 673 units, 10,370 square feet of retail, 214 residential parking spaces and seven retail spaces. The parcels, cleaned of their former industrial messes, now consist of two fuel pump storage facilities minus the fuel tanks, trees, overgrown brush, trailers and a parking lot."

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h st ll said...

Super excited about this project. Will help with the pedestrian experience of that whole area, which is pretty tucked away. And yes, should help development jump the small distance across the river.