Thursday, November 07, 2013

CHotR now with Capital Riverfront/Navy Yard development highlights

Don't worry, Congress Heights on the Rise is still going to remain a Ward 8 and east of the river focused blog but after thinking about it --  and writing this editorial --  I decided that it could only benefit this side of the river to know what is happening on that side of the river.

It's not just Southeast Love that unites Navy Yard and Congress Heights and Anacostia. Economics and development do play a role -- albeit not a very strong one right now but it will in the near future.

So with that in mind I have decided to expand my coverage to include news reports and press releases of Capital Riverfront developments. I will designate those posts with a [CR] in the headline. We as Ward 8 residents need to know what is happening and maybe it will inspire us --- or get us fired up -- to demand more substantial and diverse development projects for our own neighborhood.

Stay tuned.

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