Friday, October 25, 2013

WBJ | SOME details its plans for Benning Road Metro project

SOME's plans to create 202 units of affordable, workforce and senior housing  

I am really interested to hear from some Ward 7 residents on how they feel about this project. Is it a welcome addition to that corridor or just another example of more "affordable" housing being pushed into a ward that really doesn't need it?

Go HERE to read the full Washington Business Journal article.

A year after landing three properties adjacent to the Benning Road Metro Station, So Others Might Eat is explaining to residents how it will transform those parcels into a mixed-use project dubbed Benning and East Capitol Gateway. 
The project, funded in part with a $5 million grant from Joanne and William Conway of the Carlyle Group, will include 202 units of affordable, workforce and senior housing (all drug and alcohol free), a sit-down deli, a seven classroom expansion of SOME's Center for Employment Training, a 36,000-square-foot medical and dental clinic, and administrative offices. 
"The Benning and East Capitol Gateway is being developed in response to the severe decline in affordable rental housing, a need for better paid jobs that require training and an expanded need for medical and dental care in a modern facility," the nonprofit details in a single page document circulated throughout the community.

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