Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today is my brother's 19th birthday.

Kahlil's Walls of Fame (it takes over the entire kitchen)
When you are small little brothers can be a blessing or a curse, luckily in case my little brother has always been the best blessing, the best gift, and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. My brother Kahlil is one of the most unique, talented, and intelligent people I know. He isn't afraid to dance to the beat of his own drum (okay he lost even me with the "Bronie" phase). My brother always helps those in need, and he always looks for the deeper meaning in everything he does. In a world of followers he has always been the leader but in that quiet humble way that makes people feel included, not intimidated. For a "little" brother he isn't half bad, even if he isn't anywhere near little anymore.

My brother has given my family 19 wonderful years of memories, milestones, and enough happy moments to make our chests swell with pride. It can't be easy for the youngest child, the only boy with three older sisters but my brother has always been a gem, and handled it well -- even when we were going through our moody teenage years. ;)

Big sisters in a recession give tuxedo shirts and
million dollar bills as graduation presents.
Oh and cash. Lots of cash. ;) 
So today, on his 19th birthday, during his first year of college, when he is moving ever closer to going into the world all alone I want to take a moment to say,"Happy Birthday Kahlil" and remind him (because I don't do it nearly enough) of how much I love him and how happy I am that he joined our clan all those years ago. We might be are crazy but we are crazy in love with him. 

Thank you for giving us the privilege  witnessing first  hand your daily acts of kindness, courage, and generally badassness. I'm so glad the gypsy mice didn't take you away after all. ;)

I love you.


P.S. Your present is in the mail...okay, its actually on my desk but I promise to get it in the mail (or better still come visit!) before your next birthday.

P.P.S. And today I want to thank my mother, my darling warrior mom for always sacrificing, going without and giving us all she had so that her children could reach for the moon and grab the stars. There would literally be no "us" without "you" and for that there will never be enough ways I can thank you through words or actions for how much you mean to us. You are our everything. Always.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute!