Friday, October 25, 2013

Things I have to drive outside of Ward 8 to get today

  • A bedspread (driving to Maryland)
  • A Halloween costume (driving to Maryland)
  • Eyelash service (driving to Capitol Hill)
  • Restaurant quality noodle dish (driving to H Street or Union Market)
  • Cocktails (driving Barracks Row or H Street)
  • Healthy dog food (driving to Maryland or Capitol hill)
  • Gas where I can use a ATM/Credit Card (anywhere but here)
  • Shea butter (driving to Maryland)
  • Pantyhose (driving to Maryland)
  • A pretzel and hot chocolate (Capitol Hill)

Now can someone remind me why we can't seem to have these things in Ward 8?

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Anacostia's Finest said...

Don't forget gas station where you actually feel safe cleaning out your car or God forbid having to put air in your tires.

h st ll said...

Great list. Screw a gas station though, those are bad for a myriad of reasons.