Thursday, October 10, 2013

News at 11: White woman visits Anacostia -- and survives.

As much as I love my #SoutheastLove campaign public shaming still has its benefits. If nothing else I hope that by addressing the fear and the negative perceptions head on we can continue to encourage a healthy dialogue. If nothing else I like to point out that a significant number of those people who spread fear about "Southeast" have few first hand experiences here. Often times they are just repeating something they heard (or read on Twitter) and just regurgitate the same old lines.

While I understand how these stereotypes and blanket fear came about in the first place (I'm looking at you news reporters) that still doesn't make it right. It doesn't even make it practical let alone factual. So I hope that by continuing to post these PUBLIC tweets we can encourage people to look deeper. Maybe we can educate people not familiar with east of the river on the bias we deal with on a daily basis. Maybe we can encourage them to not be so capricious with promoting this type of propaganda.  Maybe,  just maybe,  in the process educate them on the reality of life in Wards 7 and 8. What may be a punchline to them is the place where I live, work, and spend time with my friends and family. I take this stuff very seriously.

Neighborhoods east of the river are by no means perfect but show me one place that is.  Crime can happen anywhere, something we have had the misfortune of experiencing recently in west of the river neighborhoods often considered  "safe."

It's time to do better --- even on Twitter.  "Southeast" shouldn't automatically be code for "black and dangerous."

P.S. Rachel, this is also Anacostia. It might just be a little too awesome for you. Now run and tell that. ;)

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crochetkingpin said...


crochetkingpin said...

I am just completely in awe at the stupidity of some folks.

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Wow...I'm not going to say anything since I don't have anything nice to say! Anyway, great comeback for that. There are white ppl in Anacostia I see them from time to time, and nobody bothers them! Last thing we need is ppl making it seem like it's a war zone because it's Ward 7/8.

Amanda L said...
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Amanda L said...

LOL. I @ her on twitter. Most people and their perception of SE is offensive to me because it's where majority of the poor and Black population live. You can be victimized in any part of the city. My family was raised in SE, right up the street from Congress Park. Drs, lawyers, authors, politicians, and business owners, I guess we survived too.

P.s. Our house broken in to (back in the day) by a white woman on drugs, when I lived in NW.

saturna bellweather said...

Some people are so vain. Who cares?

h st ll said...

Lol at the headline.

Sad face at the content.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone really want someone like that as a neighbor anyway?
These are the same people that were afraid to come to DC 10 years ago, now they are flocking to it. I personally think Southeast is one of the most interesting, culturally rich, history rich places in the city with some amazing architecture and houses. It just needs some TLC, and a little elbow grease. I would love to own a home in Southeast.

White Guy Whose Family Is From Southeast

SilentWarrior said...

Yep. Thanks for representing the positives in our neighborhood! And taking that youngster to school, although "she can't handle the truth" :)