Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's official, Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill has least temporarily.

Flashback from the 2010 grand opening

I had known this was coming for a while but it is still very sad news. I know a lot of people enjoyed going to Big Chair Coffee and then Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill under the management of Michael Sterling.  Hopefully it will get a reboot and come back stronger then ever like the new Uniontown Bar & Grill. I would love to hear from readers on their experiences and fond memories of Anacostia's first (and surely not last) coffee shop/cafe/bar&grill.

I just found my very first post (January 2010) about my first visit to BCC (then under difference management). Boy have the years flown by!

Go HERE to read the full article on Big Chair's closing by Jonathan O'Connell.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve decided to close the Big Chair Bar and Grill effective Monday, October 14 2013,” manager Michael Sterling posted on Facebook Saturday. “I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and our family here at the Big Chair.” 
Sterling said he had decided to become a partner at Mama’s BBQ Blues, a pizza and barbecue place down the street. He could not immediately be reached for comment at Mama’s BBQ and no one picked up the phone at Big Chair.

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Carlene said...

Maybe I caught things toward the end of a good run...but I have not so flattering comments. Looking forward to a rejuvenated BCC! I'm jealous yall had coffee and breakfast in ANA back in the day (lol way back in 2010).

h st ll said...

I was a big fan, but once they lost that liquor license I knew it was all over.

Excited to peep Mama's and whatever will come to Big Chair Bar.

Still patronizing Uniontown, those happy hour deals are great!

Anonymous said...

I loved Big Chair Bar and Grill! Sorry I didn't go more frequently when it was open. The food was delicious every time I went. I had several different dishes and was never disappointed..... am usually a very finicky eater!