Saturday, October 26, 2013

Imagine how awesome this COULD be

Feast your eyes on the corner of MLK Jr. Avenue SE and Lebaum Street SE. It looks as if this was at one time a nursery. Maybe it could be a nursery again... or a coffee shop...or a cafe....or a book store...or an art gallery...or a community garden. The possibilities are endless (although I would rather see it burned to the ground than be reactivated as another social service center).

I don't know if this property is being taxed at the vacant and blighted rate but if not it should be. This location has entirely too much potential to be allowed to rot. Check out the architecture of the building -- you don't see that every day.

It would be so nice to restore this corner and bring this space back to life.  There are hidden forgotten gems like this all over Congress Heights, it would be nice to give them a second life. 

Does anyone out there know the story of this property?

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1 comment:

h st ll said...

What's the address? The city tax database (online) will tell you what they are being taxed at.

I agree, a lot of potential there.