Thursday, October 17, 2013

$5 tickets available for Washington Improv Theater performances this weekend at Anacostia Arts Center

Tickets are normally $10 but the Anacostia Arts Center has arranged for a special code for our friends, families and neighbors for the Friday and Saturday performances! See below for details! Go HERE to get your $5 ticket!

Washington Improv Theater 
Brings spontaneous theatre to Anacostia!
Friday, October 18 at 8pm
Saturday, October 19 at 8 pm

Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Road, SE
Washington, DC 20020

Friday, October 18 & Saturday, October 19, 8 pm
Watch WIT improvisers in action! Three teams of WIT performers will use an audience suggestions to inspire comedic performances that they create on the spot. Tickets are normally $10, but use this link and get them for 50% off!

Saturday, October 19, 3-5 pm
Learn how to do the top-of-your-head style of comedy made famous by Tina Fey and Wayne Brady!


For 15 years, Washington Improv Theater (WIT) has dedicated itself to unleashing the creative, collaborative power of improv in DC. WIT is DC’s premiere arts organization showcasing and advancing the artform of improvisational theatre with over 200 artists, 30 instructors, 1,000 students, and 10,000 audience members engaging annually in performances and classes. WIT is a multi-tiered arts organization: a producing organization exploring and forwarding the craft of longform improv in challenging new directions; a presenting organization allowing improvisers from across the country to share their artistry with DC audiences; a community organization serving a rapidly growing family of improv artists. For our students, WIT is an artistic conservatory, a personal-development laboratory, a professional skill-building gymnasium, and a vital social outlet in a tightly “scripted” city. WIT is the place for improv in DC.

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