Friday, September 20, 2013

Vote Natalie Williams tomorrow for president of the Ward 8 Democrats!

Hello Folks--

As a general rule I don't officially endorse candidates for office. I don't think who I prefer as a candidate should preclude others from doing their research.

That being said, I will be voting for ANC 8A Commissioner Natalie Williams tomorrow as president as the Ward 8 Democrats. I find Natalie to be smart, progressive, insightful, dedicated, focused and most importantly PROFESSIONAL! If anyone can bring the Ward 8 Democrats forward and encourage more inclusiveness amongst its membership it is Natalie.

So please come out tomorrow and VOTE! If you live in Ward 8 and are a registered Democrat you are already a member of the Ward 8 Democrats and you are eligible to vote.

Old Congress Heights School
3100 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE
Noon - 2pm

For a complete candidate roster for all positions go HERE.

Unless we do something different -- everything will stay the same.

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