Monday, September 16, 2013

Pray for #NavyYard today

I have no words. My heart is heavy. I am so overcome with a sense of sadness.

My thoughts and prayers for my friends and neighbors in the Navy Yard neighborhood. Please show some #SoutheastLove for Navy Yard today. We will get through this as we always do -- as family.

If you are at home or stuck in traffic or unable to make it into the office today The HIVE 2.0 is open all day today and is open to the public. Feel free to come in and have some coffee, charge your phones or computer, use the wi-fi, or just be with your friends and neighbors. Today is a terrible day to be alone. TVs are on here so you can stay up to date on the coverage.

The HIVE 2.0 is located in historic Anacostia at 1231-B Good Hope Rd SE. In the middle of the block from Good Hope Rd & MLK Jr. Ave SE and Good Hope and 13th Street SE.

For directions or access call (202) 507-8072.

Posting a live tweet update on #NavyYardShooting

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