Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nubian Hueman now open in the Anacostia Arts Center

Now Open: Nubian Hueman

Yeah!!! We have new retail and it is very, very good! Hurray!  Check out Nubian Hueman in the Anacostia Arts Center, located at 1231 Good Hope Rd SE.

The boutique is sooooooo nice! The merchandise is really relevant and diverse, the space is bright and airy,  and the proprietor, Anika Hobbs,  is very customer friendly.

Nubian Hueman is open Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm - 7pm. 

Do your part and support local businesses -- particularly retail -- east of the river. If we want more quality businesses like this we need to literally put our money where our mouth is. Hopefully local community groups -- I am looking at you River East Emerging Leaders -- will sponsor a "get out and shop" night at either (or both) of the two new boutiques in the Arts Center.

You can find more information about Nubian Hueman along with pictures on Eat Shop Live Anacostia.

You can also get a preview of Nubian Hueman merchandise (and order online) at their website:

While you are at it follow Nubian Hueman on Twitter: @NubianHueman or on Facebook.

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