Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Need office space? Check out these new HIVE 2.0 Specials!

The HIVE 2.0
1231-B Good Hope Rd SE

Share a dedicated desk in The HIVE 2.0 for only $250/month
No more coffee shop meetings! You're official now!
$100/month, for 3 months
New members only

No more working out of the basement and meeting clients in coffee shops! With a HIVE & HIVE 2.0 Affiliate membership take advantage of 24/7 access to co-working and meeting space. Work in any of our common areas and take advantage of all the free wi-fi and coffee you want. Affiliate memberships also benefit from mail services, conference room time, and access to a fax and a copier.

Act now!
This deal expires October 31, 2013.

It's not you, it's me -- and our desk.
$250/month for a dedicated desk in our Capital One Entrepreneur Lab!

We feel like playing matchmaker -- for entrepreneurs that is! Our Capital One Entrepreneur Lab in The HIVE 2.0 is pretty snazzy. Dedicated desks, meeting space, and our polka dot couch says "cool" without taking ourselves too seriously. Until now if you wanted to share a dedicated desk in the lab (and take advantage of our lower rate) you had to find yourself a desk mate and enter into a commitment together -- no ring but a shared filed cabinet. Luckily for you we are getting that loving feeling and are letting "single" entrepreneurs take a desk now with the understanding that we may set you up on a deskmate at anytime. Until we partner you with a desk mate you roll solo, if we find the desk love of your life then you share. A total luck of the draw. If you want to keep your solo desk you can -- just upgrade to a Single Man/Lady membership for only $450/month. Best part? No pre-nups necessary. ;) Get a move on!

This deal expires when our dance card is full or we become old and bitter -- whichever comes first.

You are having twins! Offices that is!
Two furnished private offices with phones + all utilities including wi-fi!
$2200/month for two side-by-side offices

Take Suite 103 and Suite 104 for $1100/month each -- a $100/month savings each! Now you can play all the alternative music you want and you know your neighbor won't complain. ;) Need only one office? That's cool. You can snatch up one of these private offices for only $1200/month for one. Rent all utilities and meeting room space!

Don't snooze!
This deal is available only as long as both offices remain vacant.

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