Tuesday, September 03, 2013

How this gentrifier spent her Labor Day

It was all about the home improvement projects.  Who needs a man when you have Home Depot, You Tube and a step ladder? (Okay, I stole borrowed the step ladder but I will give it back, eventually.)

The key to painting. Testing paint colors!
In the end I went with "Elephant Skin" (center)
Behold my handiness!

  • Painted the bedroom and the bathroom
  • Hung some shelves
  • Replaced the bulbs in my ceiling fixture
  • Replaced the exhaust cover in the bathroom
  • Ordered some lightbulbs
  • Replaced some light switch covers
  • Moved the BBQ grill from the living room into the bedroom and then back into the living room (its a long story)

Okay, for a few minutes when I was having trouble changing the bulbs in my ceiling fixture I kinda sorta wished a man was around (just for moral support of course) but in the end I was able to change those light bulbs even if right now that ceiling fixture is hanging on with two screws, a hair pin, and a prayer.

Being a gentrifier means doing your own home improvement projects because all your money is going toward your mortgage and real estate taxes. ;)

P.S. Anyone know how to fix a smelly drain? My bathroom sink smells like the Anacostia on a bad day.  :(

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Susie Cambria said...

Try dumping some baking soda in - I just dump, but try 1/2 cup. Follow with vinegar - I use the cheap stuff I have on hand, not the good salad vinegar. NOTE: This is like a science project in that you will have a volcano in your sink. The bubbles don't go to high and don't spurt, but just beware. This is supposed to happen.

Carlene said...

I really don't know how to fix a bathroom drain, but I would probably pour some bleach down it and see what results I get. This is usually what I do when my kitchen sink smells a little off.