Tuesday, September 03, 2013

HOUSING COMPLEX | Slideshow: St. Elizabeths Gateway Pavilion Nears Completion

Southside of the Pavilion
(photo courtesy of Aaron Wiener)

Go HERE for the full article by Aaron Wiener.

According to Hanlon, the pavilion will end up costing more than $8 million. It's a substantial structure: about 400 feet long, 25 feet high, and 60 feet wide at its broadest point. Its roof will feature a landscaped plaza with two stairways leading below. Underneath will be an indoor space for a food vendor, a community room, and public areas, with WiFi throughout. A tunnel will allow Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security employees to access the pavilion directly without crossing Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue—a convenience, though not one that's likely to integrate those employees into the surrounding communities. 
Chanda Washington, spokeswoman for the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, says there's still no firm opening date for the pavilion. Nor is there a date set for the city to choose the food vendor, or to open the tunnel. "It's kind of fluid at the moment," she says.

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