Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are we really ready for a better Ward 8?

Sometimes I sit and wonder with all of this "advocating" for better and more diverse retail options and market rate housing and entertainment options are we really ready?

By that I mean are we ready to put our money (and our time) where are mouths are and actually support the gems in our communities? Are we shopping at those new stores? Are we visiting that art gallery around the corner? Are we attending the free yoga classes being offered by that nonprofit? Are we bringing the family to check out that play up the street? Are we taking the time and checking out what our neighborhood has to offer now or are we "bitching and moaning" for the sake of it?

If we are not ready to appreciate meaningfully what we have, do we really have the right to be suspicious or critical of outsiders who might? I think not.

Actions speak louder than words and sometime's the silence can be absolutely deafening.

If we want better for Ward 8 we have to DO better and not just talk about it and host panel discussions on the subject. We have to get off our butts AND DO SOMETHING! 

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1 comment:

h st ll said...

Well, I don't live in W8, but I do support the sit down restaurants and bars. I also support other upcoming small businesses.

Yes, this is not a particularly poignant comment, but ...