Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 things I need to know about the National Zoo's panda cam before the government shutdown.

I don't have a single recent picture of my family but I
take regular screenshots of the National Zoo's pandas.
Few things in life give me such child-like pleasure than watching the National Zoo's Giant Panda Cam. I watch it all the time -- I'm watching it right now. I L-O-V-E watching the mommy panda (yeah, I know she has a name) cuddle with the baby panda. It really makes my day worth living. :)  I am obsessed with these damn pandas and I haven't even been to the zoo in nearly a decade!

And now with the threat of a government shutdown looming over my head and the very real possibility of going "cold turkey" on the pandas I find myself in a mini panda panic. Where will I get my panda fix?! Who will show me some panda love?! Most importantly, when will I finally get the answers to my panda cam questions?!!!!!! 

(hyperventilates -- goes off in search of inhaler)

So that being said, I am posting my #pandacam related questions in hope that someone at the National Zoo or the Ford Motor Company Fund (who sponsors the panda cam) will take pity on me and my fear of my panda cam withdrawal and will finally answer some of the questions that have been on my mind.

P.S. I have no problem calling in all the favors I may have. My dad worked at a Ford Motor Company plant for 30 years, my grandmother worked at Ford Motor Company until she retired, and all of my cars have been Fords (including my current one that shakes, rattles, and rolls) so pretty please with sugar on top answer my questions? :)

What The Advoc8te wants needs to know about the panda cam:
  1. Are the pandas sleeping on concrete or is that Berber carpet?
  2. Can the pandas have pillows? (or at least a really big dog pillow)
  3. What would happen if I sent the pandas a pillow?
  4. Do they ever turn off the lights in the den or is everything being shot in night vision?
  5. How do they get the baby panda out? 
  6. Why is the window in the den always open?
  7. What does it smell like in there?
  8. Why is the video always buffering?!
  9. Why have I never seen either of the pandas go to the bathroom?
  10. Is the video on a broadcast delay in case the mommy panda eats the baby panda? (I think about this one a lot)

Bonus Question: If I promise to be really good and really quiet can I look in the panda den for real? :) If not can you at least mail me some panda fur? 

I think the pandas deserve a pillow. 

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Anonymous said...

You are officially the silver lining in the dark cloud. ~This post is just too cute!~ *And who else could make us smile..."before [another??!! ...really tho??!!] government shutdown." ;)