Friday, August 09, 2013

WASHINGTON INFORMER | Editorial: Uniontown 2.0

I've been slipping on my news coverage as of late! Blame it on the intense work schedule and being under the weather. I will be reposting some articles of note on our wonderful Ward 8. Please feel free to weigh in and share any issues you thought I may have missed the past week. 

FYI - It's kind of cool being called "the vanguard of change" (although I do live in Congress Heights and not Anacostia lol).  It's a lot to live up to but I think I have it in me. ;) 

Go HERE for the full editorial. 

Anacostia, Congress Heights and communities east of the Anacostia River have hungered for many of the services, amenities and conveniences residents in the rest of the city enjoy. Uniontown represents just one piece of a larger tapestry of businesses and related concerns that we on this side of the river must attract and develop if we’re to grow and thrive. 
Anacostia residents like Charles Wilson, Nikki Peele and those determined to improve on the prospects of the community are the vanguard of change in a community that has seen more than its share of challenges. 
Uniontown, past and present, is to Anacostia what the fictional Cheers bar was to Boston, Mass. It is a place where residents can meet, socialize and enjoy good company, conversation, food and libation without having to travel far afield. It is an anchor, an essential building block as revitalization in Anacostia takes hold.


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