Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WANTED: Ward 7 and Ward 8 guest writers

I like to think I am doing an okay job keeping you in the know of what is happening in our fine community but I am after all just one person.

With all of the community meetings, events, projects, protests, developments, etc. it would be impossible for me to be everywhere.  To be honest it would be nice to have some of these meetings shared by someone else with a different perspective. 

I would like to offer again that I am always in need of some guest bloggers willing to do write-ups on Ward 7 and Ward 8 community meetings and events.  However, please note this is not an opportunity for free advertising and self-promotion (those are called "paid ads").  I am really looking for east of the river residents who want to provide write-ups on community issues and events. 

So if you are a Ward 7 or Ward 8 resident who would like to contribute to CHotR sometime just drop me a line with a story idea.  You can post an article as yourself or with a screen name if you are particularly shy. ;) 

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