Friday, August 30, 2013

SEPT 21 | Ward 8 Democrats Biennial Convention 2013

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"The purpose of our work includes the increase of party membership and voting responsibility in Ward Eight; and increase citizen knowledge of, and participation in the political processes of this Ward, the District, and the Nation."

The Ward 8 Democrats is Ward 8, Washington DC's top political organization. Every registered Democrat in Ward 8 is a member, because we believe that a collective voice of those in our party and of our community is needed in order to garner the resources and get the results needed for our community and our families.

Among many other things, the Ward 8 Democrats:

  1. Register voters and increase membership for the Democratic Party in Ward 8
  2. Work to increase voter turnout in Ward 8
  3. Encourage community and civic engagement
  4. Keep residents informed about things going on around the ward, the city and the country that affect our everyday lives
  5. Hold public officials accountable for the decisions they make and the initiatives they make on behalf of residents in Ward 8
  6. Foster the next generation of leaders in the ward and in the city
  7. Advocate on behalf of the issues that matter most to Ward 8 Democrats

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